We have an engaging menu of bloody marys for you to choose from, plus we'll have an exciting cocktail menu just for the week.

7th - 14th October 2017

It's always super exciting to get involved with Norwich Cocktail Week, and we've got some real treats lined up for this year. We're geeks at heart so there's always a little bit of cocktail nerdery that goes into our creations for the week - but don't worry, we've also got some straight up classics and there are deals on our drinks all week.

Aged cocktail tasting - Thursday 12th Oct

So we've already made some versions of one of our cocktails and we're going to be aging them over the next month in different methods. We're also going to taste some spirits that have been aged in different ways, so we can learn about the effects that wood and time have on spirits. I'm also going to attempt (!) to distill a whiskey into its raw spirit and aged flavour components. We'll then be able to taste what went in on distillation day, and what came out of the barrels all those years later... and then recombine the two in the glass to get to back to our original whiskey! Definitely wish me luck... Not sure it's ever been attempted live before. Tickets are £14 and available from here. Or feel free to get in touch on social media to book your place.

10% off all cocktails for wrist-band holders

We'll publish the menu in due course but safe to say there'll be some of our award winning cocktails, some classics and some interesting new creations for you.

Two bloody marys for £6 all week

...For everyone, wristbands or not! Oh yeah!